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Despite access to information and the colossal resources allocated to education, intelligence is lacking in our society:

  • Disinformation is rampant in all areas (agriculture, feminism, education, etc.)
  • Economics is leading us into the wall on environmental and social levels, and that was perfectly predictable
  • School has demonstrated its inability to reform and improve: it continues to guide students no matter what; reproduce social inequalities; reproduce gender stereotypes, etc. It also proves unable to fight against the rise of extremism. etc.

This failure is also the failure of research on society, which systematically falls into a dead end:

  • the sociology of education remains stuck in the paradigms of Boudon and Bourdieu, unable to think of education other than with Socio-Professional Classes and a mentality of football commentators (“very fine effort, from the government X, the curve goes down a little … ah but it’s the stampede with the Y measure, the curve goes up ”)
  • the sociology of gender remains stuck in the paradigm of male domination and maintains the “war of the sexes”.
  • Economy remains anchored in its paradigms, such as its presupposition that everything can be quantified with wet finger estimates and or that everything that is quantified is greater than what is not (when it is completely stupid when you forget half of the variables).

In short, I’m trying to fix this collective intelligence, especially by showing dead ends (economics), impostures (agribashing) and existing ways out (sociology of gender, education) proposing an analytical framework for understanding human and social action as a whole (the anteconcept, the danger of aggregates) Good reading !