Collapse, burnout and school failure

In the face of deep-rooted problems in society, such as the risk of civilization collapse, burnout and school failure, we are at an impasse.

Beyond big rhetoric, futile actions and side effects, we don’t know how to respond and society is heading for the abyss. What if these threats were in fact caused by the same problem: our relationship to the aggregates?

This is the idea that I suggest you come and explore with me through the study of GDP, the balance sheet, the employment contract, notes, as well as a great management myth: the possibility of accurately describing work. We will see that an aggregate is in fact a tool whose use is risky and can cause terrible damage.

Basically, it is very possible that this is the disease from which humanity suffers: its relation to the aggregates.

This book and the Anteconcept (it was basically just one book) was my first project: it started around 2012-2013.

After> 7 years of thinking and working, you can find it here: